"SUMMER SUMMER 2k21" Official Release of July 16th 2021

"SUMMER SUMMER" Official video

"Summer Summer" was the very first song by LOFT, it became a hit as soon as it was released in 1993. The original members of LOFT, Courtney & Richard Williams, were performing the song with their first female vocalist Gina Mohammed. Today, in 2020, this beautiful and happy song aiming at inviting everyone to party and unite no matter what their physical appearances or beliefs may be is still being played in the whole world!

"Hold On" Official video

"Mallorca" Official Video

"Wake The World"

"Love Is Magic" Official Video

"It's Raining Again"

"Free Me"

"Life Is A Game"


"It's Original" Unofficial

LOFT Unofficial Megamix 2018 by DJ Crayfish

LOFT Unofficial Megamix 2021 by DJ Bednar

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